TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker
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Certified for Microsoft Teams

The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker is the ultimate audio solution optimized for small Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Efficient and Smart Meetings

Installation and connection have never been easier. You can fully utilize the speakerphone right away after installing it in your Microsoft Teams Room. With this immersive and user-friendly setup, there is no audio preparation, no additional devices like a laptop or tablet and no notes or a pen needed to make it work seamlessly. The speaker will also transcribe the meeting in real-time while identifying up to 10 different voices in the room.

Efficient and Smart Meetings

Touchless and Intelligent Use

Collaboration is key with the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker. Microsoft Teams users can join Microsoft Teams instantly and without touch. Fumbling around with conference room equipment, taking precious time out of your day to troubleshoot technical difficulties are all problems of the past. The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker understands voice commands and responds seamlessly to them — something that Microsoft is renowned for. The Microsoft Cortana voice intelligence allows users to control the mic verbally for video conferencing and team meetings.

Touchless and Intelligent Use

State-of-the-Art Audio Quality

Sennheiser and Microsoft have taken the Microsoft Teams Room experience to new heights by providing a powerful and intelligent product that allows Microsoft Teams users to take advantage of a new kind of audio quality. With its powerful speaker and 7 beamforming microphones the TC ISP covers a 2,3 – meter radius and ensures perfect speech intelligibility in every meeting with excellent double-talk performance. With this user-friendly, omnidirectional microphone that takes less time for setup and technical difficulties, you have more time for collaboration and productivity.

State-of-the-Art Audio Quality

Collaboration Without Limitations

For remote participants or those who are hard of hearing, live transcription gives them a new seat at the table for immersive and supportive collaboration - all without any drawbacks or limitations. The corresponding transcription documents are available immediately after the meeting - for teamwork without any barriers at any level. Together, Sennheiser and Microsoft continues to push boundaries, and Microsoft Teams Rooms are now a much more collaborative environment with the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker.

Collaboration Without Limitations
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