Wireless Monitoring

Nearly Invisible Yet Powerful Sound

Regardless of whether you’re an extremely active performer, a stage nomad or just a two-step wanderer, our wireless monitoring systems allow you to be sure you’re always on track with the rest of the band without the distractions of the noise from the crowd. Our line up of powerful transmitters, receivers and great sounding earphones provide each artist with an audio signal that can be mixed and equalized according to individual needs and preferences.

IE PRO Series

IE PRO Series

More Live. More Life. More Me.
Discover the power of dynamic in-ear monitors on stage with a cable or enjoy the freedom of listening to professional sound everywhere with the IE PRO BT Connector. Improve the way you perform on stage and enrich private listening pleasure by enhancing the way you hear. It's your choice.

IE 400 PRO: More punch!

IE 400 PRO: More punch!

Noticeable punch with transparent mid-range reproduction and clear high-frequencies for studio sound, even in extremely loud environments. Thanks to it’s miniature yet robust design, the earpiece sits comfortably and securely. more

IE 500 PRO: More detail!

IE 500 PRO: More detail!

The IE 500 PRO reproduces extremely fine details in high resolution when it comes to the graduated tonal depths – for an honest full-range stage sound with precise spatiality. The TrueResponse driver system reduces acoustic stress factors in the process through artifact- and distortion-free reproduction. more

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